How BJJ Can Help Become More Resilient? Brazilian jiu-jitsu

As we went through the most devastating period of our life collectively during the pandemic, we have seen our priorities change over time. Things that might have been our top priorities are now replaced. People now seek happiness in small things and they want to improve their mental and physical health so their focus is on seeking a wholesome life experience.

As so much happened during the pandemic you will see people finding the true sense of resilience that will help them become stronger not only physically but also mentally. Most people think that when you are told to stay ready for all the situations in life, your main idea should be to focus only on the simple steps that can help you become stronger but in real life, there are no shortcuts. It requires a great amount of detail, techniques, effort, and time to become resilient in your life.

Moreover, your resilience should not be limited to just physical strength but it must also help you become better and stronger mentally.

When you look at overall martial arts and specifically BJJ (Brazilian jiu -jitsu).you will notice that it offers you a complete crash course about life. From simple steps of handling complex life situations to staying in control when the most devastating and shocking things come your way, you will notice that after stepping into martial arts your response towards immediate situations will change.

You will be able to have a better understanding of all the situations within a limited time and the processing time of information will be much shorter. In fact, people report that as their reflex actions improved and their power of problem-solving also improved they noticed that their body strength helps them boost immunity which eventually makes them able to stay stronger in all kinds of situations.

With the help of this article, we will look at the true meaning of resilience. We will then look at the correlation of resilience with physical workouts and especially martial arts styles like(Brazilian jiu -jitsu).

What Is Resilience?

Resilience is clinical terms the ability to bounce back from tough situations. In most cases, every uncertain situation has an impact on our body and mind. A simple example is a disease, so if you get a fever you will have an impact on your body where the body will enter recovery mode.

However, this impact will not be limited to physical effects but also mental impacts. You will feel stressed because you might be missing your day at work. You will keep thinking about negative things and this might stress you out and if you don’t seek help from your special circle and professional, you might even end up facing immunity issues.

In short, both your physical and mental health are connected so an impact on one will also impact other things.

5 Things That Make BJJ (Brazilian jiu -jitsu) Perfect For Resilience

  • BJJ teaches discipline and brings consistency in life
  • It teaches patience so you can stay ready for all kinds of situations.
  • BJJ is perfect for confidence which will eventually come into your daily routine as well.
  • BJJ is a challenging sport for your body and mind so you will be ready to push limits in real life as well.
  • BJJ gives you a goal-oriented mindset that keeps you motivated for all the challenges to come in your life.

How BJJ Can Help Become More Resilient?

No Short-Term Thinking

The biggest issue about real-life challenges is that people look for instant gratification. Eventually when they look at something difficult they give up. With the help of BJJ, you will see that your body is ready to think about things long-term. You will not feel demotivated just because you are not able to achieve something right away.

Moreover, you will also notice that long-term thinking will help you stay hooked on your goal. Even if you want to lose weight, you will not give up in a few days, instead, you will push your body to work more.


One of the main things that BJJ teaches you is discipline. You will notice that with pure consistency and full discipline you will be able to design your life in a way that will make you appear undrafted. Where other people will start with the full intensity only to give up later, BJJ offers you the power to keep going and not give up.

Responding To the Challenges

As you step into real life, you will notice that rather than giving up when the situation becomes challenging you will find ways to respond right back. Moreover, you will also see that even in challenging situations you will take it positively rather than feeling depressed when your body is going through a harsh time.

Goal-Oriented Mindset

BJJ gives you the vision to think beyond instant gratification. Most people stick to instant response so when they feel maybe this will not work for them they change their vision within a few days’ time. However, with BJJ your mindset will be goal oriented so you will never give up unless you achieve your desired goal.

Teaches Patience

Patience is a very strong trait that you will develop through BJJ. Where others give up easily without waiting for results, you will notice that you are becoming stronger and much better as time passes. This will also help you appreciate the progress even if it is small in real life. Moreover, it will keep you motivated for the big things to come.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to how you learn through the process. If you feel like learning just a few kicks and grappling methods will help you improve resilience you might be wrong. Since this requires a long time you will need a lot of time to invest.

Moreover, you have to keep in mind that your body will go through a transformation and this will take time. You will see improvement but only when you work for it and improve physically as well as mentally.

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