Top 4 Exercise Fitness Sneakers You Need in Your Collection

Nike Metcon 5


Nike Metcon 5

One of Nike’s hottest exercise fitness sneakers out right now for men and women is the Nike Metcon 5. Check this out:

This sneaker is quite unique in that so much went into making it.  This exercise fitness sneaker named  the ‘Nike Metcon 5 ’ was specifically created for activities requiring intense work, high intensity movements,  increased speed and agility.  A lot of attention was placed on crossfit style workouts, athletic training,  high intensity interval training when creating it.  The focus wasn’t only to create a sneaker that provided comfort to the wearer, but one that actually trains the body to work more efficiently, while enhancing speed and power.

This not only required the attention and knowledge of the creators, but also needed the opinions, testing observations, and ideas from extremely active individuals.    Athletes was of course the types of people they communicated with to truly create  the remarkably well designed Nike Metcon 5.  The obvious reason that athletes were called in to assist in this project was because there’s just so much involved when it comes to sneakers.   As an example, the design and look is of key importance in that it’s the first thing that catches a buyer’s  eyes, and they did a wonderful job in that department.  It can easily be seen that the exercise fitness sneaker ‘Nike Metcon 5’ has a unique look and shape.  This definitely brings a lot of eye catching attention to it.   In addition, they come in a variety of colors that screams out fitness, and it makes you want to put them on and go all out.  It’s also made to be extremely comfortable and light.  No such things as toes getting crushed, or skin being pinched by the material.  There’s plenty of room for your feet to breathe, while at the same time gives you the ability to move around quickly in all directions.

Lastly, the exercise sneaker Nike Metcon 5 is very durable, and made of light, yet very strong material.  This is not your regular sneaker you use a few times then it falls apart.  These are made to last, enhance, and endure some of the toughest fitness activities known.

Over all, the Nike Metcon 5 is a must have if you are an active person, or one who enjoys participating in extremely intense physical activities.


Alicegana-Breathable Athletic Sneakers

Alicegana Excercise Fitness sneakers

Now gentlemen don’t get jealous, this one is for the ladies…We had to let you know about the Alicegana Breathable Athletic sneakers.  These sneakers are turning out to be a big hit, as buyers are running to get these off the shelves.  This makes a lot of sense because the look of it is professional, sleek, athletic looking, which again makes it attractive to the eyes.  Most importantly is the price, which is Extremely low…That’s right, very low, which is a huge plus.

We must also mention that It has received so many amazing reviews but then again how can it not.    Users love the material quality, it’s very light weight and allows you to perform all types of physical fitness activities in style.  Not only that, there’s a lot to say for breathable sneakers, and  the Alicegana

Breathable Athletic sneakers does just that.  As for comfort, people rave about it and we are strong believers in that fact that ‘word of much’ is more powerful than any other types of promotions.

Size Chart:

Please measure your foot from toe to heel, refer to our size chart on description If your feet have a bit fat,please choose one bigger size

  • 4.5= (Heel to Toe) 225mm = 8 7/8 inch=22.5JP=CN35
  • 5= (Heel to Toe) 225mm = 8 7/8 inch=23JP=CN36 —5.5 = (Heel to Toe) 228mm = 9 inch=23 1/2JP=CN37
  • 6 = (Heel to Toe) 230mm = 9 1/8 inch=CN37.5—6.5 = (Heel to Toe) 235mm = 9 1/4 inch=24JP=CN38
  • 7 = (Heel to Toe) 238mm = 9 2/5 inch=24 1/2JP=CN39—7.5 = (Heel to Toe) 240mm = 9 1/2 inch=CN39.5
  • 8 = (Heel to Toe) 245mm = 9 5/8 inch=25JP=CN40—8.5 = (Heel to Toe) 248mm = 9 3/4 inch=25 1/2JP=CN41
  • 9 = (Heel to Toe) 250mm = 9 7/8 inch=CN41.5—9.5 = (Heel to Toe) 254cm = 10 inch=26JP=CN42
  • 10 = (Heel to Toe) 260mm = 10 1/4 inch=26 1/2JP=CN43—10.5= (Heel to Toe) 267mm = 10 1/2 inch27JP=CN44
  • 11= (Heel to Toe) 270mm = 10 3/5 inch=27 1/2JP=CN45 —12= (Heel to Toe) 275mm = 10 4/5 inch=28JP=CN46
  • 13= (Heel to Toe) 280mm = 11 inch=28 1/2JP=CN47 — 13.5= (Heel to Toe) 284mm = 11 1/5 inch=29JP=CN48

GHOST 12 for Men & Women (Best Seller)

Ghost 12 Sneaker for active men & women

The popular Ghost 12 Sneaker is  another top of the line Athletic sneaker being picked up by many customers.  This one has become extremely popular and it is in high demand.   The DNA loft softness in this sneaker is exactly what fitness active individuals need.   If would  would be a great addition to help protect joints, ligaments,  tendons, and spine from pressure/shocks.

The Ghost 12 comes with a medium, high arch, weighing 10.4oz/294g.  It comes with a midsole drop of  12mm, and the updated version has a 3D feet print.  This makes it ideal for a smooth usage, while provide great cushioning.

Based on the construction of the Ghost 12 Sneaker, it would be best used for  running, sports, high intensity workout like HIIT, Cross Training and more.  There’s always the question of color, which the Ghost 12 sneaker answers by having over 20 colors in that style.  Being a best seller item is not an easy feat but the Ghost 12 definitely earns it.


Men & Women Umyogo Athletic Blade Sneakers

The Umyogo Blade Sneakers look amazing, they have a unique and very distinguished look to them.   These will definitely get a lot of reactions as the design and vibrant color variations pull all attention towards it.   The letters and their placement gives the Blade Sneakers that very hot and sexy look.   The colors are set up in a way where both men and women can decide which variation matches their personality or personal style.

The Blade Sneakers are made to be worn almost anywhere.  They can be worn to casual occasions and light to heavy physical activities.    Based on the design and style, one would not assume the Blade Sneakers could be placed in the light weight category…Surprisingly, they would be wrong, it’s quite a light weight sneaker and it expands with your feet as you make turns, plus movements requiring your feet to stretch.

Men/Women Umyogo Athletic Wear

Adding to the comfort aspect, it also comes with knit upper material, which is huge, for it allows your feet to breathe comfortably.  This is a great help at it helps keep your feet nice and dry during all activities.

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