Top 5 Cardio Alternatives for Mobility and less pain in Your 30s

As you step into your 30s, you will notice a significant difference in the way you move. Most people feel the strain that moves others feel that every time they pick things up they feel a burden on their muscles. This is very natural because when your body is aging your bones and muscles become weaker as well. However, the best way to reduce the chance of injury or feeling tired or uncomfortable throughout the day is when you work out. Throughout the workout, your body will eventually adapt to the amount of work you do every day and this will eventually make mobility effortless. The main issue that most people face and report is that after they turn 30, the strain on the muscles is so much that even slight movement will cause discomfort. Moreover, you will also hear bone-popping noises that are very common in your late 30s.

As someone new to fitness or someone who just wants to join a healthy and fit lifestyle, it is very important to know which exercise will be suitable for you. When you start searching, there is a high chance that the first thing you will get to notice will be that a lot of exercises are meant for people who become obese or overweight in their older age. Eventually, the focus is on high-intensity workouts that can help them burn fats and reduce weight. However, there is a huge chunk of individuals who just find it discomforting to move although they are not obese. They need a low-impact workout and cardio might not be ideal for them.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the best workouts that are low impact so you will not feel discomfort when you move. The goal of this workout is to help with mobility and strength so you can lift the weight even in older age when your bones and muscles become fragile.


Perfect for flexibility, strength, and body shaping, yoga can help you improve your quality of life. The best thing is that it is not high intensity so the train will never end on your joints. Another important thing is that most yoga poses are linked with flexibility so once you improve your flexibility you will be able to move in a much better way. Your walk will improve the shape of your body as well as the overall weight lifting capacity even in your older age.


Gardening might not seem like a very difficult job because people seem to focus on the task rather than the way we excite the task. According to experts, gardening helps the body in improving joint strength even if you have swollen joints, you can start with some basic yoga that can support you in your posture, and then with daily gardening, you can continue to practice your sitting posture and your movement. People suffering from arthritis need to add gardening to their workout list as it is a very helpful and rewarding process.


When you step into the water, the impact on your joint becomes lesser and your body feels much lighter. So, people with joint pain, fragile bones, and muscle issues can start with a good swimming session. This will eventually help with reducing the weight, improving the flexibility and mobility of the body, and also help you to improve the capacity of your lungs.

Massage Based Workouts

This is a relatively new combination that will allow you to use a simple rolling foam massager that you can use for workouts. You can lay it flat on the ground and then lay on top of it, as you move the ridges on the rolling foam will massage the pressure points and you will feel better.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility training is very important for people once they step into their late 30s. The basic idea is that there are so many different dynamic stretching workouts that you can try. These exercises are low impact and they don’t put pressure on your joints. These workouts are ideal for people who face issues with lifting weights.

Tips to maximize the improvement with workout

Although most of the workouts listed are easy and you will not feel any strain on your body, however, you need to keep in mind that sometimes challenging your body can result in real issues.

  • Start with a simple warm-up exercise so the chance of injury can be reduced.
  • Offer your body enough time for healing so the injury doesn’t turn into something permanent
  • If you feel strained or uncomfortable with a workout, this means your body is not ready and you need some warm-up time.
  • Adjust the frequency of the workout so it is not extreme and your body is improving
  • Focus on simple steps rather than pushing your body too hard
  • In case of painful joints or inflammation take help from a professional.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to helping your body with the movement. Since the basic issues are related to the fragility of the body, body weight, and flexibility loss that happens in older age. You need to resolve the issues related to your health first. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind that simple daily activities like walking or carrying things require a certain degree of technique that can help you avoid any discomfort. When you sit, stand, or lift things, you have to focus on the angle as well as the movement of your muscles. Sometimes when the angel is not right you might notice injury and if you continue to work with the same injury you might even end up with a permanent chronic pain issue. The best way to resolve this issue is to focus on gradual improvement so the chance of injury can be minimized. Moreover, it will be better to slow down the training for the first few days and offer your body time to heal and adjust.

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